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Here in the little paradise classrooms are spacious, child friendly, colourful and beautifully designed.

Digital Classrooms

The Digital classrooms facilitate much in the learning process. It makes learning enjoyable and effective and it accelerates grasping and mould good pronunciation and accent.

Activity Room

Learn through fun is practiced as a psychological method. Kids are provided many play materials to develop their creativity and imagination.

Play Area

Hok Kids with great prestige and pleasure presents an impressive array of facilities, multi-purpose, shaded, outdoor play area and well arranged activity room. Measures and cautions were taken to ensure safety and well being of our kids.

Art & Craft

Creative thinking is a part of education. A special training for Art and craft help the students to inculcate creativity and can develop new ideas.


Transportation is arranged in all routes. A caretaker is entrusted in each bus. Kids are well cared and they are safe and comfortable.


Teachers are Mothers to the Kids. They are devoted, dedicated, loving, experienced, carefully selected and trained. Specialized teachers in Music and Art cater to the instinctive or blooming talents of the children.